Holiday Mini Sessions 2019 | Beach Santa Christmas Mini Session

As a children's holiday portrait photographer, my goal for each session is to capture natural photos of children rather than stiff and posed images. Because I love to capture a child's free spirited and inquisitive nature, I always try to create holiday mini sessions that get the children involved in an activity.  In the past, I have held interactive sessions including a campfire session, a snowman building session, and a boating session and they were all tons of fun for the kids and stress free for the parents.

This year’s beach session might be my favorite mini session yet. I have been toying with the idea of a beach Santa session for a few years, but I couldn’t quite figure out how to approach it. However, that all changed on a winter’s day when I walked into the Long Beach Post Office and saw a painting on the wall that inspired me. Those of you who live in town are familiar with the painting, but it depicts the local beach in the 1920’s with throngs of people bathing on the beach. I admired the style of the era, in particular, the swimsuits and I envisioned Santa in a similar style red striped swimsuit playing with the kids in the sand. Thus, this year’s beach holiday session was born.

Holiday Mini Session Details

The beach Santa Christmas mini session is fifteen-twenty minutes long. This session is perfect for those who want a unique holiday photo for their cards this year and it is a great way to get your cards done early. I will be using additional props in the session including a mini surfboard, red beach pails, shells and other items. The sessions will be scheduled on September 28th and October 2nd in the evening hours.  I will be photographing these sessions in more of a story telling fashion, which means your child will be interacting with Santa, rather than simply sitting on his lap and saying “cheese.” The session will include approximately 12-15 fully edited and enhanced images.  The cost is $350 for the session time and your edited images. You will have the printing rights to the images.

Booking Details

So, who wants to hang with Santa on the beach this holiday season?  If so, head to the following link to book your time slot.

Beach Santa Mini Session 

Here are a few images from my promo session.

beach holiday mini session
beach holiday mini session
Children's holiday photography for beach photos
beach holiday photos
unique Santa beach session
fun beach holiday mini session
vintage styled Santa beach photo session
vintage styled beach Santa holiday photo session
unique holiday mini session
Long Island holiday mini session photographer
real beard Santa Claus holiday mini session on the beach
Santa beach holiday photo session
beach holiday mini session
vintage styled beach Santa photo session
beach Santa holiday mini session

If you would like to book a beach Santa session, contact me or click on the link below to book a time slot.

Beach Santa Mini Session