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The Bond of a Family | Long Beach Family Photographer

24 years ago, I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy with my grandfather and aunt. Although I didn't know it at the time, this trip was my grandfather's way of showing his granddaughter her family history.  My grandfather had a deep love and devotion for his country and sacrificed everything he loved and valued to give his children a better life here in America.  His plan was to take each of his grandchildren at 16 on a trip to Italy where he would be able to show us not only our history and roots, but also another side of his personality.  I will never forget that the minute we stepped foot on Italian soil, my grandfather was instantly transformed into another being.  He was full of life and vitality; he was larger than life.   

During this trip, we visited and stayed with family and I was fully immersed in true Italian culture.  I was only 16 at the time and, therefore, I wasn't able to fully appreciate and recognize the value of this trip and what a valuable experience it was.   I was able to see the apartment where my father was born, walk the streets where my grandfather felt most at home, and finally meet my extended family and cousins. I knew enough to photograph every second of the trip and although it was difficult to communicate with my cousins, I still had so much fun wth them.   When we left Lake Como to travel to Southern Italy, I cried my eyes out; part of this was typical adolescent angst, but I think a bigger part of me knew that it was unlikely that I would see this part of my family again.  

Today, I was able to spend the day with one of my cousins, who is here in NY for a few short days. Thanks to Facebook, I have been able to remain in touch with her over the years and follow what is going on in her life.  Although there are many miles between us and a language barrier, I still feel a connection to my cousin; I guess that is the unique bond that exists within families. We laughed as we looked though the old photos from that trip and she met my parents, husband, and children. It was such an amazing experience and now I am mature enough to be able to recognize how truly precious today was.  My grandfather passed 20 years ago, and looking at those old photos today made me sad, but at the same time, his spirit was very much alive and well today; it might have taken me 24 years, but I finally understand the lesson Grandpa.  I hope you were sipping on some Grappa and smiling down on us today.  

Two girls in America
Two girls in Italy
Grandpa in Oppido with the fig tree he planted 

Grandpa in Oppido with the fig tree he planted 

Golden Hour Second Birthday Photo Session | Long Island Children's Birthday Photographer

Two years ago, on the eve of St Patrick's Day, I gave birth to my second daughter.   In so many ways, it seems like it was yesterday that I was pregnant with her, but at the same time, I feel like I have known this precious girl my whole life. I call her my hippie baby because she always has a calm inner glow to her.   She is super affectionate and spends a large part of her day hugging her sister, dog, mom, dad, grandparents or if no one else is around, her dolls will suffice.  She is a peaceful soul and almost always has a smile on her face and is filled with belly laughs; but, if she is unhappy about something, she is not afraid to show it and will stand up for herself in a heartbeat, especially against big sister.   She also has a way of quietly getting into mischief and has somehow figured out how to dismantle all of the child locks in the house.    I could go on and on about her, but I am not one to gush about my kids, so I will just end by saying, happy birthday to my beautiful lucky charm; my heart abounds with love for you.  Here are a few images from her birthday photo shoot.  I am so glad we snapped these photos on the rare 57 degree day we had last week.  

Two year old birthday portraits in sunset with baloons
Boho Golden Hour Children's birthday portraits
Golden Hour birthday portraits
Outdoor Second Birthday Photos for children nassau county

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Our Visit to the Keys | Long Island Family Photographer | Vacation Photography

Nearly 15 years ago, I traveled to Key West for the first time.  When I stepped off the plane onto the tarmac and entered the Conch Republic, I knew that I had found an artist's paradise and I was in love.  There are so many amazing things to love about Key West;  the architecture, the vibrant colors, the culture, the history, Hemingway, and let's not forget about the food. There is an energy and vibe that just can't be articulated, but the minute I leave, I always feel as though I have left home and begin dreaming about the moment I can return.  

Although I have been to Key West countless times, I have never visited the upper keys and have always wanted to explore them.    We knew that we would need some relaxation after our trip to Disney and planned a visit to the keys to unwind after the insanity of the parks.  We chose to stay in Islamorada , which is centrally located and would provide us with opportunities to explore the other nearby keys.  I am so glad we chose to visit because Islamorada is simply amazing; it is a hidden gem.  I did not feel like I was in the US, but on a distant tropical island.   While we were there, we saw some of the most amazing sunsets, ate the freshest seafood at beautiful and picturesque restaurants like Morada Bay and Marker 88, and we were even able to sneak in a day trip to Key West.  This vacation was the best we have ever taken and it was so nice to be able to spend uninterrupted time together.  I didn't take many pictures during this part of the trip because I was trying to be as unplugged as possible, but here are a few of my favorites.  

daddy and girls on beach in Islamorada
toddler in pool with palm trees and pink float
toddler in pool in sun in florida
sunset in Taverneir florida
sunset in Taverneir Islamorada
sunset in Islamorada at marker 88
girl on water's edge in paradise
sunset at marker 88 islamorada
Anne's beach path with toddlers
Anne's Beach
Seagulls and tarpon Robbie's Bay
seven mile bridge
girl in car seat smiling at wind in hair
Southermost Hotel toddler and daddy
toddlers at Butterfly museum Key West
Flamingo at butterfly museum key west
Butterfly at butterfly museum key west
toddle looking up at butterflies
butterfly museum key west
toddler at key west aquarium
toddler at key west aquarium
toddlers in Matilda Jane in Islamorada
sunset at morada bay islmorada

Our First Family Trip to Disney | Long Island Family Photographer

I have neglected my blog and social media over the past few weeks because I was away on vacation with my family.  We traveled to Florida and spent five nights in Orlando and three full days at Disney.  It has been almost twenty years since my last visit to the Magic Kingdom and I was both excited and filled with trepidation about visiting with two young children.   Fortunately, my parents vacationed with us and it was not only a tremendous help to Tim and I, but my children now have this wonderful memory of visiting Disney with their grandparents. The trip was exhausting, but so much fun and worth every penny spent.  I am not an overly emotional person, but I found myself in tears so many times during the trip because I have never seen my children happier; it truly is a magical place and the staff goes above and beyond to make the children feel special. I am already counting down the days until my next visit.    Here are a few of my favorite moments.  

Girls in matching Minnie outfits
girl watching disney parade
girls in matching outfits walking
toddler girls with cinderella sisters
girls with rapunzel
magic kingdom castle
girls with balloons
girl with ice cream
gilrs with ariel
grandparents with toddlers at magic kingdom with castle
girl on dad's shoulders at disney
tired toddler resting on dad's chest
toddler girl sleeping on grandpa
disney parade
disney parade donald
girl kissing mickey balloon
waiting at chef mickey's
pluto and little girl
minnie and little girl
girl hiding from minnie
girl at bippity boppiti boutique
girl at bippity boppiti boutique
girl at bippity boppiti boutique
girl at bippity boppiti boutique
girl at bippity boppiti boutique seeing her hair for first time
girl at bippity boppiti boutique in front of cinderella's carriage
daddy seeing little girl afte bippiti boppity boutique
toddler and grandpa walking
tired toddler at disney
family photo in front of castle at magic kingdom
girls in princess dresses in stroller
sisters in princess dresses in front of castle in disney
girl in cinderella's castle
girl and aurora at cinderella's royal table
girl at bippity boppiti boutique
girl and ariel
girls with Jasmine at cinderella's table
sisters walking in princess dresses in magic kingdom
girl carried by dad in disney
girl on dad's shoulders at magic kingdom
wishes fireworks spectacular
wishes fireworks show
wishes fireworks show
march of the first order hollywood studios
Storm troopers Hollywood studios
dinousaur at hollywood studios
mickey and toddler laughing
minnie and toddlers
girl with bubbles at hollywood studios
happy toddler at hollywood studios
girls waiting on line at disney
girl on tire swing in St Augustine
St Augustine fort
st augustine fort

Life with Girls | Long Beach, NY | Family-Children Photographer

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I secretly prayed she would be a girl.  Of course, I would have been equally blessed ifI had a boy, but I just felt like I was destined to have a daughter.  By the grace of God, I was blessed with not one, but two beautiful girls.  Life with my two beautiful girls is interesting and fun.  We have dance parties every afternoon before dinner, we play dress up, Barbies, princess clip dolls, have tea parties in teepees, and even though the day is often smattered with highly emotional meltdowns, I would not trade my life with my two princesses for anything.  

toddler feeding baby doll a bottle in highchair
untitled (257 of 385)-Edit-2.jpg
toddlers in teepee
toddler girls dancing
girls playing dress up in pink playroom
girls playing with bubbles on the bed
girls in pillow fort
toddlers playing peek a boo with a laundy basket
girl dancing in shadow
toddler playing with princess dolls
sisters in sleeping bag watching TV
girl in Matilda Jane dresses running on boardwalk

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