Golden Hour Second Birthday Photo Session | Long Island Children's Birthday Photographer

Two years ago, on the eve of St Patrick's Day, I gave birth to my second daughter.   In so many ways, it seems like it was yesterday that I was pregnant with her, but at the same time, I feel like I have known this precious girl my whole life. I call her my hippie baby because she always has a calm inner glow to her.   She is super affectionate and spends a large part of her day hugging her sister, dog, mom, dad, grandparents or if no one else is around, her dolls will suffice.  She is a peaceful soul and almost always has a smile on her face and is filled with belly laughs; but, if she is unhappy about something, she is not afraid to show it and will stand up for herself in a heartbeat, especially against big sister.   She also has a way of quietly getting into mischief and has somehow figured out how to dismantle all of the child locks in the house.    I could go on and on about her, but I am not one to gush about my kids, so I will just end by saying, happy birthday to my beautiful lucky charm; my heart abounds with love for you.  Here are a few images from her birthday photo shoot.  I am so glad we snapped these photos on the rare 57 degree day we had last week.  

Two year old birthday portraits in sunset with baloons
Boho Golden Hour Children's birthday portraits
Golden Hour birthday portraits
Outdoor Second Birthday Photos for children nassau county

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