Princess Dress Up Birthday Session | Children's Birthday Photographer

My baby girl turns four on Saturday and I can hardly believe it. These last few years have gone by so quickly and this year has been the most fun yet. Like most three year old girls, this has been the year of the princess and my little one has princess fever. Miss V goes through several wardrobe changes a day all of which include shoes, tiara and matching accessories. She wears her dresses to school, on Trader Joe runs, to bed and even over her bathing suit. She forces daddy to play princess with her daily during which time she either loses a shoe, needs a kiss from a prince, is swimming under the water to save a prince, or marries the prince.

My daughter is quite like a princess in many ways. She is, and always has been, kind, caring, and nurturing. She loves fully and openly and is quite independent. From birth, she always had a very kind and gentle energy around her, so it makes perfect sense that she would gravitate towards the princesses.

I know that princess birthday photos may seem somewhat of a cliche, but for her photos this year, I just had to do something to incorporate her love of princesses and playing dress up. Unfortunately, the weather is always so cold this time of year, so I couldn’t execute my original idea, which was to recreate some scenes in outdoor settings, so I went to plan B.

Using my bright white backdrop, we set up a dressing room for her that included all of her dresses and let her play with all of her favorite costumes. It was so adorable to watch her play dress up and she has so much fun. I had way too many photos, but I know that when she is older and way past this phase of her life, I will cherish that I was able to capture these moments.

Here are a few of my favorite from her princess birthday photos session.

princess birthday photo session
Disney princess inspired birthday photo session
birthday princess photo session
princess dress up birthday session
princess dress up toddler birthday session
photographer for princess dress up photos
toddler girl wearing Elsa costume in her chariot motorized carriage

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