The Best of Both Worlds | In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

I am always honored when clients hire me to photograph their newborns. There is no time in life that is quite as precious as those first few days home with a baby. It is even more of a privilege  when I am asked to photograph my clients in their own homes. Lifestyle newborn sessions are the best way to ensure that the photos of your baby are unique, personal, and authentic. There is something about the way families interact with one another in the comfort of their own home that allows me to capture the emotions of that special time.

Many times clients express to me that they don't think their home has the right look or doesn't have enough light for an in home session. There is no "perfect" look for a home; in fact, using your own makes your images that much more personal and meaningful. I almost always able to find a good source of light in the home and prior to each session. In fact, prior to the session, I ask clients to send me images of their home so that I can start planning my session and maximize the light available int he home.  

Another question many clients have is in regard to portraits of their baby.  Some moms want the connected family images of an in home session, but also want a few formal portraits. I can easily bring along a few portable items to give you the look of a studio session in your own home that way you can truly get the best of both sides of newborn photography during a lifestyle newborn session.  

As a Long Island newborn photographer, I often travel to client's homes in Nassau and Suffolk County.  I recently traveled to New Hyde Park to photograph this beautiful family in their lovely home. I absolutely loved photographing and editing this session because the love between these two and their new beautiful baby girl is so evident. I especially loved that the book they like to read to their little girl is a favorite of mine, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls.  Photographing newborns and their families never gets old to me and it always seems to move me emotionally.  Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  

artistic and unique in home newborn photos
New Hyde Park in home newborn photographer
newborn swaddled in pink with eyes open on white pouf
In home newborn photographer
natural in home baby photpgrapher
Long Island newborn photographer
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Long Beach, Ny newborn photographer
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Natural in home newborn photography
artistic and unique in home newborn photos
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New Hyde park newborn photographer
natural in home newborn photography
in home newborn photographer
in home newborn photography
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Outdoor family newborn photos 

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