Spring Motherhood Sessions | Mother and Child Photographer

It may be the dead of winter, but I am dreaming of Spring, which is also the time of year when I offer my mother and child sessions.  These are my favorite sessions to offer because I personally know how hard it is to get out from behind our cameras and get IN those photos with our children.  It is so important that you take the time to get in the frame with your children;  it is something you will never regret doing and years from now, you and your children will be thankful to have these photos.  My approach to the session is geared toward capturing mom with her children in a natural and organic way; so, moms don't worry about whether or not your child will be cooperative. I am going to capture you being a mom and doing what you do best, nurturing and loving your child, no matter what his/her mood is.  So, expect to cuddle and hug those kids..a lot!  No matter how many times I photograph moms and their children, I am always moved by their love and bond. 

Because my goal is to capture your unique relationship with your child, the mother and child sessions are not mini sessions, but rather, they are private and full length sessions that last approximately 45 minutes. These sessions can be scheduled on weekday evenings in April through May in the hour before sunset at an outdoor location in Nassau County.  This photo session is the perfect gift for mom for Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day.  

Long Island mother and child photographer
Long Island mother and child photographer
Timeless mother and child photography
Long Beach, Ny mommy and me photographer

If you are interested in learning more about these sessions or would like to book, contact me.