In Home Family Lifestyle Sessions | An Authentic Approach To Family Photos

Now that the rush of the holiday season is over, I can catch up on my personal photography projects, which includes documenting my children. My approach to my own family photography is a lifestyle and documentary approach.  This is my favorite way to photograph a family, as it will capture the most personal and authentic images. I love capturing little moments and details that seem so mundane, but I know years from now will be priceless. 

I photograph my children a few times a week. Most of what I capture is in our own home and I try to capture all of the little things that I want to remember one day when they are older.  These photos are not for now, but rather they are for five ten years from now when tantrums, potty training, and princess clip dolls are long behind us and are nothing but a distant memory.  I will have these images to remind me and bring me back to all of those feelings. I also love photographing in my home because it really allows me to be creative with lights and experiment a bit. My girls have grown used to the camera and they will allow me to experiment a bit. I think they do so because they truly love the albums of images that I create every few months. They look at the albums often and many times they tell me how much they love to see them. I read once that displaying images of a child in a home nurtures their self esteem and I really believe that to be so. I think it shows them the importance of family, tells the story of their childhood, and the images are a tangible testament of my love for them.  

holiday family lifestyle photos
Teresa Geraghty Photography Long Island Maternity Photographer_0205.jpg
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holiday family lifestyle photos
toddler in plaid pajamas on train
little boy with driver's cap on train
holiday family lifestyle session
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natural birthday photos
in home lifestyle toddler birthday photos
dad sleeping on couch with toddler
in home natural family photos
in home family photos
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natural in home family photography
natural family photography
in home family documentary photos

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