A Very Boho Sixth Birthday Session | Fall Children's Portraits

Brace yourself because you are about to see some images of a mother and daughter who are strikingly gorgeous. Now, I know that you might be thinking that it is not quite fair for one family to possess this much beauty in their gene pool, but they are also amongst the most  kind hearted souls I know. 

We  took these photos one a gorgeous late summer day that felt much like Fall.  Whenever possible, I encourage clients to schedule their children's birthday sessions at an outdoor location because children typically show their true personalities were they are allowed to roam free outdoors.   After all, my goal is to always capture your family in as authentic of a way that is possible.   I was happy that mom was open to the idea and I just love the rustic bohemian style of this session.  Here are a few of my favorites from Miss W's outdoor birthday photo session.  

rustic boho birthday session
natural and authentic toddler birthday photos
bohemian birthday session
natural and emotive mother and child photography
natural and emotive mother and daughter photography
outdoor children's birthday photography
natural and authentic children's birthday photos
classic and timeless birthday photographer

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