Why You Should Book a Maternity Session | Beach Maternity Photographer

Oh, how I wish more women would schedule maternity photo sessions during their pregnancy. The beauty of an expecting mother is simply unsurpassed. Sadly, so many women do not see themselves as beautiful during this momentous time in life. Many women tell me that they just don't feel their best during their pregnancy and, consequently, refuse to be in photos during those nine months. I completely understand and I too felt this way about myself during both of my pregnancies. Although I did not shy away from the camera and took monthly photos of my bump, I never scheduled a photo session with a photographer and I still regret it to this day because I don't have anything that really captures how special and miraculous that time was and believe it or not, I often miss being pregnant. 

Ladies, there is nothing else in life that is as selfless and amazing as carrying a child, Yes, it is difficult, involves discomforts that we never knew existed, sleepless nights, and includes a whirlwind of emotions, but nonetheless it is a true miracle and let's face it ladies, we are friggin superheroes for being able to do so. Therefore, every woman deserves a day during her pregnancy to pamper herself, get glammed up, and feel good about herself and be reminded of the goddess that she truly is, which is exactly what a maternity session allows you to do.  

The maternity mini session is typically scheduled between 30-34 weeks of a woman's pregnancy; that way you can show off that gorgeous bump, but you are still at a point in your pregnancy that you feel comfortable.  The session can be scheduled at an outdoor location or in my studio.  My goal is to capture the exquisite beauty of a pregnant women so that when she looks at these photos years from now, she will remember not only how strong her body was to carry a life, but also how gorgeous and graceful she looked doing so.  If you choose to include your spouse in the images, which I always recommend, I will capture the love and bond that you share so that you can look back and remember how special and precious that time was. To encourage my clients to schedule this session, I offer an exclusive discount on the maternity mini session for all of my newborn clients. 

I recently photographed this gorgeous couple at the beach during sunset. Seriously, when mama first got out of the car, I gasped at how stunning she looked. She wore a gorgeous pale blush Fillyboo maternity dress, which is a company that sells bohemian styled hand embroidered maternity dresses. They also sell non maternity dresses as well.

I had so much fun photographing this couple and love clearly abounds between them. I am so honored that I had the opportunity to capture this very special moment for them. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.

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