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Those of you who follow me know that I often stress the importance of having your family photos taken. I don’t say this only because I want you to hire me, but I say it because I truly believe it. Our children grow so quickly and as they do, the nature of our family evolves as well. It is is important to document that change for your children and for yourself. Even though I take tons of professional images of my children, there are very few that show the dynamic of our family interacting as a whole and even fewer that include me, which is why I hire a photographer annually to capture our family.

Each year my husband and I take the kids to the Florida Keys and spend a few days in Key West. This place is very special to me and I have been traveling there almost yearly for 15 years now. While on this trip, I took about 130 images and I am in four of those images; it is almost as if I was not on this vacation. I was so glad that I chose to update our family photos while we were in Key West because now I would have some documentation of my time with my family on vacation.

Some people have asked me, what do you do with all of these photos? Well the answer is very simple; I make photo albums for my children and they genuinely love looking at them. Studies show that displaying pictures of children in your home can nurture their self esteem. These photos remind them of their childhood memories that might have otherwise been forgotten. For example, my eldest daughter can still describe in detail the rental home in which we lived while we lifted our house post Sandy. She can even recall specific memories that occurred there. We lived there for ten months when she was 2.5 to 3. years old.

I also find that the whole experience of a photo session is really bonding. Our lives are so chaotic and it is nice to take time to simply spend time cuddling your children, your spouse and focus on loving them. I included my parents in this session, which was fantastic. I want my children to remember that their grandparents were on this trip and I don’t have any photos with my parents, with the exception of my wedding.

I know that in the age of iPhones, selfies and timers, it is tempting to think that you do not need a professional to take pictures for you, but I disagree. A professional will place you in an aesthetically pleasing location, make the best use of light, pose you and capture beautiful images that tell your family’s story. I can do all of those aforementioned things with my own professional grade camera and I still choose to hire a professional when it comes to capturing my family.

Here are a few of my favorites from the session. All photos are courtesy of Rachel Lynn Photography in Key West.

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