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They are Only Little Once

As many of you know, I offer mother and child sessions each year. These are my favorite sessions to offer because I personally know how hard it is to get out from behind our cameras and get into those photos with our children. As mothers, one of our many roles is to be the documentarian for the family and, consequently, we become an invisible presence in the annals of our children’s lives. I offer the motherhood sessions because I want every mom to have an opportunity to be photographed with her children. I know that having photos taken of you with your children is something you will never regret doing and years from now, you and your children will both be thankful to have these photos. After all, they are only little once.

I wanted to do something entirely new this year for the motherhood session. While brainstorming for ideas, I knew I wanted these sessions to document a special routine or tradition that moms have with their children. I have so many rituals with my girls, but one special routine I have with my youngest is that we go on “dates” after school to enjoy a dessert and some one on one time. One place that we love is Baked by the Ocean. This bakery is not only stunning, but the desserts are delicious too. After one of our afternoon outings, I had an epiphany about a new approach to this year’s sessions. I envisioned a new twisty on the classic Mommy and Me tea party session and I knew that this gorgeous local bakery would serve as the perfect backdrop. I immediately contacted Cat, the owner of Baked by the Ocean, and asked if she would be interested in lending me her beautiful bakery and, thankfully, she was happy to oblige. So, on the coldest day of the winter thus far, I met up with my model and fellow mom boss, Stacie, from Sweet Simplicity Boutique and her beautiful girls at the bakery and captured these sweet images.

Mother and Child Session Details

The modern day Mommy and me session is a private 45 minute session during which time I will capture you and your children in a natural and organic way . The session is a story telling session and is designed to be life inspired. This means that I will document you as you interact with your children, but I will also direct you to make use of the best light and I will be give you prompts that are designed to elicit natural connection and emotion. You will not have to stress about getting your child to sit still and look at the camera the whole time because that is not the nature of this session, plus what child is not cooperative while eating a delectable treat?

You may choose any location of your choice that has significant meaning to both you and your child. I can help you to brainstorm a list of locations. All sessions will be scheduled in the daylight hours on selected dates in Feb and March and then again in May. This photo session is the perfect gift for any mom or grandmother for Valentine's Day or even Mother's Day.

For more information about the session or to book your spot, click on the following link.

Motherhood Customized Lifestyle Photo Session

Here are some sample images from my promo session at Baked by the Ocean.

Modern mother’s day photo session
mother and daughter photo session
mommy and me photo session
Valentien’s Day Mini Session
mother and child valentine’s day photo session
Valentine’s day children’s photo session
mommy and me photo session
mother daughter photo session fro mother’s day gift
natural mother and child photo session
mother’s day photo session
mommy and me photo session
mother and daughter bakery photo session
gorgeous mother and daughter photo session at a Modern Bakery

If you are interested in a session, contact me or head to the following link.

Motherhood Customized Lifestyle Photo Session