Boho Floral First Birthday Session | Long Beach, NY Modern Birthday Photography

I have been in the process of renovating my studio here in Long Beach, NY and I am excited to reveal some of the changes. I want all of my studio sessions to have a very clean, modern, and polished look, so I have made some changes to the layout of the studio which will provide me the opportunity to do so.

My most recent addition to the studio is a gorgeous teal mid century velvet couch with which I am obsessed. It makes the perfect addition to the studio and will be a staple in my studio newborn sessions, as well as children’s portraiture. The couch will allow me the opportunity to get cozy and connected family images, as well as timeless images of babies celebrating their birthdays.

I recently photographed this little cutie in the renovated studio, who happens to be the happiest baby I have ever met in my life. No really…I mean that…she literally started smiling every single time I put the camera to my eye; not only did she smile, but she would chuckle as well. I told mom that she was hands down the best bay I have ever photographed and I meant it. Mom is just as sweet as baby, so it is not. surprise that Baby S has such a great disposition.

Mom contacted me and wanted to schedule her daughter's first birthday session in the studio. I am a boho girl at heart and I have been missing my floral themed sets, so when mom told me that she had a boho themed session in mind, I was elated.

When mom showed me the outfits she selected for baby S, I immediately swooned. The white lace ruffled romper and peach boho floral crown were simply perfect. I love the texture of lace in photos and I also love white on a baby. I find that both photograph so beautifully and the pop of color that peach headband provide was simply stunning. Mom also selected a pink diaper cover and simple bib with a pink glitter “one” on it. The outfits were the perfect choices for a session that involves a natural aesthetic.

As always my sets are very clean and uncluttered. I opted for some gorgeous floral vines in a palette of pink, yellow, and green. I wanted to add just a hint of Fall colors, so I added some orange flowers. I have an authentic vintage porcelain bathtub that I purchased last year out east at one of my favorite antique stores and it has been sitting in my storage closet since I used it last Summer. I decided to ask Mom if she wanted to do a few bathtub images after the cake smash portion of the session. It would make for great images and also would help mom clean up baby after getting messy with icing. Mom loved the idea and I am so glad she went along with this crazy idea because the images are adorable.

Baby S was such a cutie and was thrilled when it was time to smash her cake. At first, she was hesitant about the icing, but eventually, she dug into her giant sparkling white cupcake from Pammy Cake Creations. I always love when the babies realize how delicious the cake is and start devouring the cake.

It was such a delight to work with Baby S and her mom. I have so many favorites from this session, but here are a few images from her session.

Boho styled first birthday session
boho themed first birthday portraits
Boho floral first birthday session
floral boho first birthday session
floral boho styled first birthday studio session
boho floral studio cake smash
floral cake smash session
clean and classic cake smash photos
cake smash bathtub
toddler girl sitting in vintage porcelain bathtub with silver headband on splashing water

If you are interested in a cake smash session, contact me.