Why Should a Family Session be Scheduled at Sunset? | Summer Family Photographer

Like many Long Island family photographers, I schedule my sessions around the light.  The best time of day to schedule a session forfamilyphotography or children's photography is an hour before sunset, which in the photography world is known as Golden Hour. In the Summer, this means that a photography session would start at around 7:00 or even 7:30, depending upon the month during which we shoot. Shooting during golden hour is especially important for beach photo sessions for families and children .  

I am a mom to two young toddlers, so, I know that this time of day can be a real challenge.  Children tend to get cranky and tired in the evening and the thought of keeping them up past their 7:00 bedtime can be daunting.  Believe me, I get it and I know you are thinking, "why can't we schedule the sessions after my toddler's nap in the afternoon or at 11:00 am?" Well, technically we can, but I am going to tell you why I prefer the evening hours.

First and foremost, ladies, golden hour light is soft and the golden color of the light is flattering. You can be out in full sun during this time of day and you will not get the harsh shadows that appear when photos are taken mid day.  Plus, you won't appear to be squinting from the bright sun in your images.  Even if I schedule a session in a shaded area during the day, the light does not have the same quality as golden hour light.   

Photos taken at golden hour simply have a magic quality to them and they simply radiate happiness and love. There is something about the hazy sun flare and golden glow that just enhances the love and bond that I am trying to capture for you. This light can not be duplicated in Photoshop.  

I want you to have the best images of your family possible and shooting at this time of day allows me to do so. I find that if you nap your children later on in the day they tend to do well.  I also love that children tend to get tired at the end of the session because it allows me to get those images of them cuddling up to mom and dad.  Although it can seem like an inconvenience, you will ultimately be grateful that you made the sacrifice for your session.   

Here are some images that I took recently during a golden hour family session.  I love how the light really reinforces the love and connection of this beautiful family, who happen to be my relatives.  


sunset family photo session
warm sunset family session
natural family photography
candid family photography
daughter in pink dress hugging father
husband and wife hugging while children run around them

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