Motherhood Session on the Beach | Mommy and Me Photography

It is no secret that I love to capture moms with their babies, which is why each year I offer my Motherhood session in the Spring. I focus this session on capturing images of mom interacting with their children in a natural and relaxed way. 

This recent session was a thoughtful gift from my client's husband for Mother's Day.  I can't think of a more meaningful and lasting gift to give a mother. The night of the session was the most perfect night.  The weather was warm and the soft golden light from the sunset was spectacular. 

I always want my clients to feel comfortable and at ease during a session with me.  A lot of what I ask my clients to do during sessions is designed to elicit connection and emotion. Although I do guide and pose you, I have a very natural and relaxed approach to photography. This is especially important with young toddlers, who often do not want to sit still for images.  I let them be, play games with them and capture them organically; there is nothing quite like a child's spirit and it is always so much fun to capture that for parents.  Because these sessions are scheduled at sunset, toddlers can be tired and tend to want to cuddle up to mama and I am totally fine with that; in fact, that is always what I hope they will do because these always tend to be my favorite images form a session.  

This little boy was a lot of fun to photograph and was just the sweetest. He really loved the sand and doing sand tosses is what helped me to elicit that adorable laughter and smile. Mom was not only gorgeous, but so sweet too.  Here are a few of my favorites from the session.  

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If you are interested in a session or would like more information, contact me.