Glamping with the Geraghtys | The Restoration is Nearly Complete!

Some of you may recall my blog post from last Summer about our newly purchased 1969 Playmor canned ham style camper. We have been busy working on the camper and are nearly done with the renovations. During the Fall and Winter, we worked mostly on the interior of the camper. I detailed some of those renovations in my last post. Over the last two months, focused on the exterior and also adding some necessities to the interior of the camper.

When we first started renovating the camper, I wanted to replace the fold down table with a butcher block style table. I searched a few of my favorite vintage shops over the winter and could not find what I was specifically looking for. So, Tim decided to make the table himself. I really love the way it came out and it really completes the design of the interior of the camper. He also installed a retro style microwave that matches the retro mint green fridge we added over the winter. Tim also added an air conditioner to the camper, which was super important because the camper gets really hot when sitting in the sun on an open field.

The biggest task was to repaint the exterior of the camper. We had to wait for a warm and clear day to paint the camper and, as you know, May and June were very rainy months. Although we initially planned to go a little crazy with the design, we ultimately decided to stick to the original design of the Playmor camper, with a classic design with updated colors. Instead of the original brown stripe, we went with a pretty shade of aqua blue. I absolutely love the color; it is just perfect. We still have to commit to the name of the camper and get that painted on the back and, of course, we need to add a fire dancer decal to show our love of Dave Matthews Band.

Our next step is to get the original stove powder coated to match the fridge, which we will do in the next few weeks. We also need to create a better storage system within the camper, such as shelves or pull out draws. Last, we will get an awning made to match our new color scheme.

We took the camper out Fourth of July weekend and visited Greenport, Long Island. We stayed at an awesome campground called Eastern Long Island Kampgrounds. My parents, who recently purchased an RV traveled with us and my brother and his family joined us for a day. My children had a blast. They were able to ride their scooters and bikes; in fact, my oldest earned to ride her bike without training wheels. Because the camper is so small, we really got to spend quality family time together. We have a few more trips booked this Summer and we can’t wait.

Here are some updated pics of the camper.

man building table for camper
man building table for camper
renovated table in 1969 camper
Vintage camper renovation
man adding air conditioning to a 1969 Playmor camper
Man painting a 1969 Playmor camper
man painting the stripe of a 1969 Playmor camper
renovated 1969 Playmor Camper
photo of 1969 Playmor camper being driven  and hitched
Playmor camper on a campground
family in front of a 1969 playmor camper on a campground
1969 camper on a campground
little girl learning to ride a bike at a campground d
family photographer
Long Island family photographer
campground family photographer
kids playing on campground with grandfather
documentary style family photographer
little girls sitting on a rock in the water
family along water's edge in front of large rock