Letters from the Past

I recently found a box filled with letters from my Nana; there must be fifty letters in the box, each filled with the thoughts, words, and ideas of my grandmother, who passed nine years ago. These notes were my weekly check ins from my grandmother, who spent her winters in Florida.  I know it is difficult to remember a time when the primary method of communication was not texting or emails, but writing was a way that I could stay connected to my grandmother while she was away.  I would send her photos that I took, tell her my problems, and just talk about life in general.  We would also talk every Saturday morning on the phone, but I always looked forward to my mail from her; at the time, I didn't realize just how important holding on to those letters would be.  I now have a way of reconnecting with her through those letters; a tangible reminder of the bond we shared, but the letters are also a reminder of how different the world is today and how much I have changed.   Although technology is wonderful and brings so many conveniences to life, in other ways we sacrifice so much.  I am not a hypocrite and willingly admit that I rely on texting and emails as my primary form of communication; it is almost impossible for me to have a conversation on the phone without my two toddlers screaming in the background, so I text, message, or email.  I never write letters anymore and when I give a gift, I rarely give a card.  In fact, I don't think I have ever given either of my daughters a birthday card, which makes me so sad and ashamed; ashamed that I have fallen so far into the technology hole.  Perhaps it is time to dig myself out a bit.  

I have yet to read those letters from my grandmother because when I found them, I had just given birth to my second child and was not equipped to ride the wave of emotions that reading them would bring. I know that now is the right time to reunite with my grandmother and I am going to do so by reading those letters to my daughters.  It will be a way for them to get to know about my grandmother, for whom my oldest is named, and they can also learn a bit about my bond with my grandparents.    I know they will understand because my children share a similar bond with their own grandparents and I want them to appreciate every second they have with them.

I may be remiss in writing cards to my children, but at least I am leaving them a visual diary of their own childhood, including these pictures of them playing with their grandparents at the park.  I found these images the other day when I was organizing my hard drive.  I wish I had pictures like this with my own grandparents because these are the moments I miss the most.  

I intended to write a Mother's Day post this morning, but I guess my mind had other plans. Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there.  Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing day with your loved ones.  

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