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I am excited to announce that I now offer boutique photo services to schools and parents who want a modern and timeless approach to school photography.  As  a parent, I have felt the pressure to buy awkward school portraits of my daughter that simply do not represent her personality.   Because I am a children and family photographer, I know that school photos can be so much more and that they do not have to be boring, forced, and awkward with unattractive backgrounds; instead, the school portrait should be relaxed, natural, timeless, and, most importantly, authentic.  

To accomplish authentic imagery, I never force a smile and through personal and light hearted interaction, I simply aim to capture the essence of the children I photograph; there are no awkward poses or faces, just the child on that particular day.  The results are genuine and timeless portraits that are far from the traditional cheesy photos with bright flashes, artificial light and unflattering, busy backgrounds to which we have become accustomed.  The images are beautiful, classic and timeless.  

What is Authentic School Photography?

Authentic School Photography is a fine art approach to school portraits and allows each child to be him or herself, whether it be silly and outgoing or reserved and quiet. I capture several images of each child, giving parents the opportunity to select their favorite image(s). I do not make children uncomfortable by forcing them to smile or say "cheese."   Instead, I take a light hearted and personal approach to these photos so that kids can relax and be themselves.  The photos are taken on a black backdrop using natural light for a clean and timeless look.  Each student's gallery consists of color and black and white images providing more options and adding to the boutique experience. 

Simple and Easy Picture Days

Gone are preorder forms that can be lost or misplaced. The order process is done completely online. Parents are given a password protected gallery, where each child has his/her own folder of approximately 2-5 images to select from. Pictures may be ordered as prints, canvases, or even digital files (which are emailed directly to parents). Parents then have the option to have the images shipped directly to them at a minimal cost.   

Prior to picture day, the school will receive information to pass along to parents to help them prepare for picture day. Once the school gallery is ready, all information on how to order, deadlines, and frequently asked questions, are laid out. I also include a short video on how to order to answer any questions that may come up while ordering. 

I provide all materials, gear, and assistants for picture day. 

School portraits may be taken in the fall or spring, whatever works best for the school. Retakes are offered for students who were ill or out on picture day. The school and I will decide on retake day together to ensure the least disruption for students. 

What Ages Do you Photograph?

I can photograph sitters to high school students.  As a children and family photographer, I have experience with newborn children to high school level students.  I was also a high school teacher with 15 years of teaching experience and am able to interact with students in an approachable way.  

What are the Benefits for the Schools?

Picture day is not just for the students. Although individual and class photos are taken on picture day, faulty and staff may also have their picture taken that same day as well. This is the perfect way for the school to have current photos of faculty and staff for their websites, IDs, etc.

Schools receive the digital files to use for school use in yearbooks, student/staff IDs, website, etc at no charge to them.

Faculty and Staff receive special discounts on their print orders.

I donate 10% of my gross revenue back to the schools I photograph. 

Are the Images Expensive? 

My rates are competitive. There is no cost to the school, and parents pay nothing up front. Everything is ordered online after you have seen your child's images. 

How Can I Get this Service in my School?

If you are a school looking for more information or to set picture day dates, contact me.  

If you are a parent hoping for me to capture your children at their school you can do two things. First, you can contact me  and let me know which school they go to so I can approach them. You can also tell the school, show them my website and let them know you want a different experience for your child's school pictures.

What Services Do You Offer?

Conveniently, I am a completely online operation. Families are linked to a password-protected online ordering gallery. Galleries are set up to grade, age, or whatever grouping makes sense for each individual school. Each child will be provided with 2-5 images, in both color and black and white. The family may choose the images they want, as opposed to traditionally having their image being chosen for them. I also provide boutique product choices such as canvas gallery wraps and high-resolution digital images for future printing and archiving. A detailed PDF describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation will be provided to the school to be distributed to families prior to photo day. 

  • Prints can be shipped DIRECTLY to families; no more photo ordering slips getting lost in cubbies + no more wasted paper
  • A-la-carte ordering is convenient for parents to specifically order what they want. Custom packages can be designed for each school upon request.
  • I provide all equipment and personnel needed for photo day.
  • I provide the school with all high resolution digital files to use for yearbooks, website, school IDs, or however the school wishes to use the images.
  • I handle any questions from parents and families about ordering and products.
  • I take staff photos and provide a complimentary print package for staff members as well.
  • I am willing to work with schools to provide custom services that fit your unique needs. 

How Long Does The Process Take?

After we shoot the pictures, it will take approximately 3 weeks before proofs are released to the parents. The order deadline will be listed for one week after proof release. Once all orders are in, products will begin to ship 2-4 weeks later.

What Time of Year Do You Conduct The Authentic School Photos?

I work with each individual school to schedule school shoots any time during the academic year. 

Long Island modern boutique school photographer
Long Island Modern school photographer 
Long Island authentic fine art school photographer
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boutique school photographer in nassau county
Long Island fine art school photographer
nassau county fine art school photographer
Long Island boutique school photographer
fine art school photographer in nassau county
Boutique school photographer in nassau county

If you are interested in providing Authentic School Photography in your school, contact me.