Sunset on the Beach | Beach Family Photographer

I met and photographed so many great families on the beach this Summer. What I love the most about sunset photo sessions on the each is the fact that every single session is unique. The sunsets are different each night and depending on the weather and the time of year, the colors fo the sky will take on different hues. The shoreline is constantly changing.  Some days it is replete with shells, other days seaweed, and even starfish. Living on the beach has given me such a new appreciation for nature and being a photographer has made me more conscious of weather patterns.

Because of the inconsistencies in nature and weather, scheduling sunset sessions on the beach can be tricky.  I schedule all of my beach sessions on Mondays or Tuesdays so that in the event of inclement weather, I have the flexibility to move the session to a more ideal date.  You can still get amazing pictures on cloudy days on the beach, but most people are looking for that soft golden glow that only a sunset can provide and I totally understand why. Although I can't always promise there will be sun on the date of a beach session, I do always try to be flexible to choose the most ideal day for your session.  I never book more than two outdoor sessions per week because I want to have the flexibility in my calendar to cover such eventualities and I also like to give my clients a personalized experience.  

This recent session was on one of those weeks when the weather seemed to be completely inaccurate every single day.   We had to initially reschedule because it was a grey and cloudy day. On the day of the rescheduled session, it was very hot, hazy, windy and humid. I welcome the haze because I prefer a very soft matte look to my beach images, but the wind was pretty crazy. The gorgeous sisters I photographed did not mind at all and were happy as can be during the session. 

Mom dressed her girls impeccably. I absolutely love the combo of the green and pink printed Joyfolie dress and soft pink Pippa and Julie dress. If you do not know about these two brands, head to their sites to check them out. They have stunning pieces that are not only unique, but super high quality. I love the added texture of the ruffles and swiss dot material that the pink dress provides and the subtle pattern of older sister's dress adds just the right pop of color to the session. People tend to shy away from patterns, but I personally love them and they add so much interest to photos.  

I had so much fun photographing these girls.  Not only are they beautiful, but they had such outgoing and vibrant personalities. It was fun to photograph them along the shore and also further up on the beach.  During a children's mini session, I try to give my clients a diverse gallery of images to choose from. Even though my style of photography is natural and organic, I try to always include a few posed "looking at the camera" images. This is because many of my clients want one or two of those formal images to gift to family members or even for themselves. That is the beauty of the private mini session, you get to choose the images that you love the most and match your style and vision.   

Here are a few of my favorites from the session.   

Beach photographer for children's photos 
natural and candid beach photos of children
beach mini sessions
photographer for beach photos of children
natural and candid children's photographer

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