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Since launching the studio segment of my business last year, I have had the honor to work with many families and their newborn .  I always feel so privileged to be able to document those first moments for them. What many of my clients have told me about the studio is that they love that they were able to capture connected lifestyle inspired images with their baby as well as polished portraits.  I am thrilled that I can offer my clients such diversity in their galleries.

I have two children, so I know how precious those first moments home with baby can be and I also know that this time can be stressful.  So, I try my best to make the entire newborn studio experience as stress free for my clients as possible.  I help moms plan their wardrobe and will even do online shopping for the whole family...really...all my moms have to do is purchase the cart I set up.  I stock my studio with snacks for older siblings, pacifiers, diapers, and extra onesies for baby.  I set a rough time for the start of our session that way my clients don't feel the pressure to get out the door by a specific time.  Most importantly, I engage and communicate with my clients, both before, during and after the session so that my moms feel that they know me and are comfortable with me handling their baby.  I never rush a session, even if baby is colicky and hesitant to fall asleep. Besides trying to take the best photos possible of your baby, my priority is always to make my clients feel relaxed and at ease.  

I am really blessed because I happen to work with the sweetest and friendliest people out there.  I always enjoy my time with them and I find that the two to three hour sessions always fly by. I recently photographed this sweet family, whom I last saw two years ago for their family holiday session. They recently had a second daughter and wanted a family newborn session to document her arrival.  I always encourage my clients to choose a family newborn session because this type of session allows me to capture you and your baby together naturally in a classic and timeless setting, so I was glad that they opted for this type of session for their baby. 

Baby L was such an angel during her session.  In fact, she did not cry once during the session.  As you will see from these photos, big sister obviously loves her little sis so much. I know it can be tough for toddlers to cooperate during these types of sessions, but Miss M was amazing and cooperative.  I absolutely love the images of her with her baby sister.

After the family portion of the session was complete, we moved on to portraits of the baby. Mom brought along the most amazing swaddle set from Milkmaid Goods  and I had to find a way to incorporate it into the session.  She also told me that the company makes coordinating robes and I am now dying to photograph a mom and her baby in one of these matching sets.  Although I have an array of swaddles and outfits in stock, I always love when clients bring their own items because I feel that it makes their session more personal and unique.  

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.  

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newborn studio session without props 
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Milkmaid goods swaddle set

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