A Soft, Natural, and Beautiful Studio Newborn Session

My last session of 2017 was a newborn session that took place right here in my Long Beach studio.  It was a brutally cold day on the day of Miss K's session, but thankfully, my newly installed radiant heating system really helps to keep the newborns cozy and comfortable during the session.  It is so important that babies feel comfortable during a session and I use a variety of methods to ensure their comfort such as white noise, rocking, swaddling, and various other techniques.  The length of a studio session varies based on how well the baby falls asleep and how she transitions between poses.  Although it can take some time to soothe the baby, most of what I do is very organic and involves natural and safe posing that typically does not disturb their slumber once they fall asleep.  I want the studio experience to be stress free for my clients and I always tell parents not to worry if baby does not fall asleep right away.  It is natural for some babies to take longer than others to fall asleep and I honestly don't mind; I am truly never in a rush to complete a session and besides, I love to chat with my clients during this time and get to know them.  

Miss K was 10 days new on the day of her session. It took a while for her to fall asleep, but once she did, I was able to get those natural and peaceful slumbering images of her that I always hope to capture. During each session, I strive to capture images in which the baby looks comfortable.  I don't use a lot of props and prefer a very neutral and soft colored backdrop because the focus of the image should be on your baby and her unique beauty.  Of course, I am always happy to incorporate any special requests that my clients may have.  This baby is absolutely perfect and beautiful in every way.  I just love these images of her, especially the one of her swaddled in the cherry blossom wreath.  Here are a few from her session.  

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