What to Wear to a Photo Session | Long Island Family Photographer

What should I wear to the photo session?  This is the most common question I hear from clients and the one that causes the most anxiety for some.  Here are some helpful tips to help you to plan your wardrobe.

1.  Just be yourself.  Your wardrobe should be reflective of who you are as a family.  You want to wear something in which you are comfortable and confident.  You will see a lot of trends on Pinterest, but don't feel pressured to dress towards the trend, unless that is who you are. 

Color Palette for spring photo session
coordinate outfits for spring session

2.  Don't match , but coordinate.  Try your best to avoid matching everyone's outfits.  Instead, coordinate outfits by choosing a color palette.  You can choose one person in the family and use them as your anchor.  You can use that person to wear a bright color from your palette and then coordinate the rest of the wardrobe based on that particular outfit.  

3.  Add Texture.  I love layers and texture in a photo, especially for Fall photos.  Vests, denim jackets, and scarves all add great flair to your wardrobe and they can be removed to give your gallery more variety.  Another way to add texture is to choose wardrobe pieces that already has texture.  For example, a dress with lots of layered ruffles, a sweater wth an interesting texture, lace tops, etc.  

4.  Classic Never Goes out of Style.  A classic wardrobe and palette will be timeless and the photos will look great on your walls forever.  A classic color palette is one that is muted and soft.  

5.  Where Will you Display your Photos?  When choosing your wardrobe, you want to choose a palette and style that matches the decor of the room in which the photos will be displayed.  My home is filled with lots of pops of color, so when we take family photos, I tend to dress my girls in brighter colors to match the decor of my home.  If your home has a traditional or classic look, choose a palette that works with that decor.  

6.  Clothing Can Sometimes Influence a Child's Mood.  When choosing outfits for your children, choose materials and styles in which they will be comfortable.  For little girls, I love free flowing dresses.  Matilda Jane is my favorite brand for girls clothing.  The fabric is soft and comfortable and the patterns and colors photograph beautifully.  I also love Zulily for beautiful vintage style lace and crochet dresses for little girls.  Boys can be  bit more difficult, choose something that makes them comfortable and playful.  Shorts and a dress top...bring along a favorite superhero accessory.  I really love Old Navy and Gap for boys clothing.  Hanna Andersson has great outfits for both boys and girls.

7.  Mixing Patterns. I love patterns and they can look great in photos, when used properly.  Try to use patterns on only one to two people in the photo.    If you do use patterns on more than one person, make sure that patterns are complimentary to one another.  Dressing one person in a pattern is a great way to pull the color palette together.  

matilda jane outfits


Photo from the Matilda Jane website

8.  Keep the Location of the Photo Shoot and Season in Mind.   Try to choose outfits that coordinate with the location of the shoot.  Is it a rustic location, a field, the ocean, or urban?  Choose outfits that are complimentary to those locations.  Also, dress according to season. Layers are a great way to cover all of your bases and they can easily be removed if the weather warms up.  

9.  Avoid Casual Attire.  You want to be comfortable, but not too casual.  Clothing with logos,  pictures, labels, and words on it are too casual and can be distracting to the image.  Similarly, avoid wearing sneakers to a session, unless, they are cute converse or something that matches the overall look of your wardrobe.  

10.  Don't stress, ask for help.  I will happily help you to plan, coordinate, and choose your outfits.  You are able to contact me with questions or for ideas, so don't be shy and if you are struggling, ask for help.   

If you are interested in booking a session, contact me.