Why You Should Book an In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

When I gave birth to my first child, it was a few weeks after Hurricane Sandy, during which time my home was severely damaged.   At the time, I was living at my mom's.  I was overwhelmed, stressed, and I didn't have the time to process the fact that in a few weeks, I was going to give birth.  I never researched newborn photographers nor the various styles of photography and being that I was a photographer, I figured that I would just take the photos myself.  

Last minute, I chose to hire a photographer and because I didn't know any better, I opted for posed images in which my baby was dressed in a dozen different knit outfits and placed in buckets and baskets.  Although the images are absolutely beautiful and adorable, I don't have any photos that really captured the emotions that went along with bringing home my new baby. I always wished I had photos that preserved those moments and memories that go by so darn quickly.  

When I launched the newborn segment of my business two years ago, I gravitated towards the lifestyle genre of photography. I wanted to make the process of newborn images stress free for my clients.  My goal was to capture images for them that preserve all of those emotions that come along with bringing a baby home.   

5 Reasons why you should book an in home newborn session 

1. You just gave birth, either naturally or by c section.  You should stay home and relax.  

mom holding newborn in arm chair

You just completed the monumental task of growing and sustaining a baby and then delivered that baby into the world. Your body needs rest.  Since giving birth, you have been up every hour feeding your baby.  I know you are sleep deprived. I know how every second of your day counts and how it can be an epic task to get yourself and your family dressed for photos.  You don't need the added ask of traveling to a location.  Staying at home is the most comfortable and convenient option for you right now, so let me travel to you and you can get an extra couple of minutes of down time.  

Please know you don't need to spend hours cleaning your home for this type of session. I am a mom. I get it.  You just had a baby and your house may be cluttered.  Let me handle all of that.  I assure you if anything needs to be moved out of the frame, I will do it for you.  Besides, embrace the clutter because that is part of the memories associated with those first few weeks at home and my goal is to tell the story of that time as authentically as possible.  

2. Your nursery is gorgeous and needs to be photographed.

parents in twins nursery 

Oh, the joy of decorating a nursery.  I absolutely loved both of the nurseries I designed for my daughters.  I spent hours scouring Pinterest and Project Nursery to find the right design.  I am sure you have too.  The nursery is the room in which your baby will spend a lot of time and it deserves to be photographed with your baby in it. Ok, maybe your baby isn't exactly sleeping in there yet, but the room deserves to be documented and we can photograph your baby napping in the crib, on a beautiful rug in the room, nursery or you cuddling with your little one on the glider in the room.  These are all details that will make your session unique and personal.

3. An in-home photography session is an opportunity to have your other children and pets included.

Bringing home baby is a pivotal and life-changing time for the entire family. 

Having a session at home means your older children will be in their element, resulting in relaxed and authentic photographs of everyone - four legged friends included.

dog with newborn twins on parents' lap
brothers looking at baby on couch
brotheres looking at baby sister on bed

4. Your photographs will be unique works of art for your home.

Most of us have the intention on printing and displaying our images in our homes.  Your family's memories are art and deserve to decorate your walls.  Scheduling an in home session ensures that you have meaningful photos hanging on your walls.  These are the type of photos that when you pass them in the halls of your home will make you feel the emotions that you felt at the very moment you took the photos.  

parents in nursery holding baby by window

Yes, you wont wind up with a photograph of your little one wearing the same flower crown on a wood plank floor that you've seen in countless images on your Facebook feed.  Instead, you’ll have a photograph of your tiny bundle slumbering in their very own space, a space that you’ve made with love and care in anticipation for her arrival and because of that, your images will be unlike anyone else's.

5. In home sessions will capture actual memories.

A lifestyle session is a storytelling session that will capture all of the little moments that make your time with your family unique and YOU right now.  It could be your older children playing with their special toys and acting goofy, you nursing your baby, changing your little one's diaper, maybe dad dozing on a couch with baby....all of the little things that over time become hazy if they aren't documented. 

I wish I knew about this genre of photography five years ago.  There is so much I don't remember about those first few weeks home and there are absolutely no photos of us interacting as a family from that time. However, it is because I made that mistake, that I am passionate about delivering this type of photography to my clients today.

If you would like me to help preserve your precious memories with your new bundle of joy, contact me.  

brothers jumping off a table
baby yawning in mom's arms
family laughing on white hobnail couch with newborn
parents holding twins with beautiful window light