Golden Hour Maternity Family Session |Huntington, New York Maternity Photographer

I am excited to share this sneak peek of a recent maternity family session.   I must preface this blog post with a warning; proceed at your own risk because you are about to be utterly and completely blinded by this family's beauty.   We took these photos at golden hour and although it was a family session, I encouraged mom to take some maternity portraits.  Like any milestone in life, it is so important to have maternity portraits.  Pregnancy is such an amazing time in a woman's life, and one that goes by in an instant.    I am in awe of women and their ability to nurture and carry another life.  I think that strength is part of what makes a pregnant woman so alluring.  Here are some highlights from this gorgeous session. 

Long Island Outdoor Maternity Photo Session
Huntington Family Session
Nassau COunty Family Photographer
Long Island Mother and child Photo session
Long Island Rustic Maternity session
Nassau COunty One Year Old session
Long Island One Year Old Portraits
Long Island Rustic Outdoor family Session
Long Island Outdoor Rustic Maternity Session
Long Island outdoor rustic Family Session
Long Island Outdoor rustic Family Session
Long Island Outdoor Rustic Family Maternity Session