H Family Newborn Lifestyle Family Session |Breezy Point, NY Family-Baby Photography

I am excited to now offer lifestyle sessions for families with newborns.  Lifestyle photography is designed to capture a day in your life and typically takes place in your own home.  This style of photography documents in an unposed, natural and organic way, thus exposing the beauty of reality.  Our lives are replete with so many beautiful and precious moments, all of which go by in the blink of an eye.  Many times we overlook the importance of these moments because they seem so routine; however, the day to day moments are the most magical and the most important to be preserved.  It is my goal as a lifestyle photographer to capture these moments, routines, and, most importantly, emotions of your family.  

For my newborn lifestyle sessions, you will see that there are very few unnatural poses or use of props.  Instead, I capture the energy and emotions that surround the milestone of welcoming a new loved one into the family.  My goal is to capture the relationship between your newborn baby and your family in order to preserve the multitude of emotions surrounding his arrival.  There truly is no greater beauty in life than this developing bond between parent and child.  The newborn phase passes by way too quickly; I want to help you to preserve those sweet moments for years to come.